From the makers of Oatally Awesome!

We are passionate about convenient, healthy whole foods and are so excited to bring you Oatally Awesome, a gourmet oatmeal that delivers delicious flavour, wonderful texture, and is made up of nutrient dense super foods – all at an affordable price!

We got our start like a lot of companies do. We saw a need and had a desire to help. We then got so busy that our new hobby became a business.

Our friends and family were telling us that they simply didn’t have the time to source out all of the unique ingredients that make up our Oatally Awesome gourmet oatmeal varieties. In fact, some of the super foods they’d never even heard of! So, we did the sourcing, figuring out the right quantities and doing lots of testing until we perfected our two original blends; apple cinnamon and pineapple coconut pecan.

Now, we’re busier than ever inventing new options for our growing fan base and working with great stores and supporters to make Oatally Awesome even easier to find and buy.

We truly thank you for your support and hope you agree that Oatally Awesome is an Awesome Way to Start Your Day.