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I have never taken the time out to offer a testimonial for a food item, but felt compelled to offer my resounding support for Oatally Awesome as there is nothing on the market that compares, and I want it here to stay. As an avid body builder and active person, I have had this as a regular part of my daily diet for over half a decade. This was after my personal trainer Keashia Steele recommended it to me.

Both flavours are excellent with my personal preference being the apple cinnamon. For the past 6 years it has been readily accessible in either Save-On-Foods, Natures’ Fare and or a variety of other retailers. When one of my best friends still owned and operated his Buy-Low Foods in White Rock, I had him order boxes of it! When going on a hike with a friend in Southern California, I brought some with me and thus introduced him to the product. This was about 3 years ago I introduced it to him (left him a couple bags) and since then he has asked me to ship it to him when I can.

About 6 months ago, I was horrified to discover that the Save-On-Foods my wife regularly shops at no longer carried it (64th Ave. & 176th street (Cloverdale) Surrey, BC). I actually contacted the new manager who assured me it was a decision from Oatally Awesome to “restrict delivery radius to within a certain radius of Kamloops and Surrey was well outside of this”… I went to Nature’s Fare and they told me they were “unaware as to why they don’t get the product” and the store manager was visibly upset as it was one of their biggest sellers. So, I decided to contact the company directly, which I did the other day. To my limited relief, she informed me that the Save-On-Foods in Semiahmoo (White Rock) still carries it. I was able to go there and get a fresh supply, and bought what they had on the shelves (sorry for anyone else that was on their way there!).

I absolutely love this product, and my friend and his entire family have never seen it’s equal whether at Trader Joes, or any other US retailer, and they’re shocked. Oatally Awesome forever…

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Good morning just finished my oatally awesome Apple Cinnamon we met in Chilliwack at the Expo

This is to let you know that this the best oats I’ve tasted very filling and a little goes a long way will be getting some more at my local grocery store Thank you for introduction to an Awesome Gourmet



Hi.. I visit BC rarely, but used to live here. I found your cereal which is truly awesome!!

I wanted to know if you were planning on selling it across Canada. I live in Winnipeg, MB. It’s too expensive for me to get it shipped to Manitoba so I would like to know when I can buy it there?

Any plans to spread out?

Thanks and a wonderful job inventing this product.

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I am just a happy consumer of your product…..particularly the Apples and Cinnamon product.  I have been buying the product from the Central Street SaveOn store in Prince George.  Little by little, their stock has diminished….until I bought the last bag.  I have now gone to the 15th Avenue SaveOn store….and have been buying it there.  But, the same thing is happening.  I have watched their stock diminish to the point where I bought the last apples and cinnamon last week.  Neither store is putting out any new product.


I’m just wondering if this is just a temporary thing….and will you be continuing to sell through these outlets in Prince George?….or, if not, is there any other way of buying it?  Online?  It has become a part of my family’s morning routine….and we love the product.  Don’t want to lose it!


Awaiting your reply.



We live in Olympia, Washington but have roots in BC. I grew up in Coquitlam. We were recently visiting Vancouver Island, and brought some Oatally Awesome home with us. We really like it, and are wondering if it’s available to purchase anywhere near us, or if you have the capacity to ship to Washington State. Thanks for considering it!


Hello!  I LOVE your product and have been enjoying it for years, so I went to a store in Vernon and they told me they were pretty sure you were going out of business… please say it isn’t so!!

Hi Oatally Awesome,


I ran out of the first bag of Oatally Awesome I bought when you were at the Tradex Center

in Abbottsford earlier this year and now I can’t seem to find it anywhere in the Surrey/Delta area.

Can you please let me know where I can get some more of this totally awesome product?

Wow…you did a fabulous job making this cereal and I can say it is now going to be a staple with me.

Hopefully I will be able to purchase some more of it very soon down here.


Thank You




I have a problem …well, maybe more than one… however, this one is in relation to the fact last weekend I started my day with a sample of your pineapple coconut pecan oatmeal, and have since been unable to find it in stores!


I live in Squamish, BC and searched our local Save On to no avail; I also tried the Nesters in Vancouver (Seymour St.) with the same result. Where have all the oats gone?


I don’t normally seek out prepared granolas/oats, but the quality of yours (low sugar/high protein/great taste) blew me away. It’s something I’d make myself. Thanks for making such a great product, now where can I get my hands on more?



P/S – the oats were a great fuel for my morning run.

We enjoy your Oatally Awesome Gourmet Oatmeal and have introduced our daughter and her family in Toronto to it.

I am just wondering if you do ship your product to Toronto and if so what the shipping cost might be?

Thank you,

I love oatally awesome! I always buy the pineapple coconut pecan flavour when I am in Whistler, but I can’t buy this wonderful product in Toronto were I live part time. Is it possible for me to have a couple packages shipped to me in TORONTO?

Your loyal customer,