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fresh ingredients, no additives, no preservatives!

Oatally Awesome is a healthy and delicious gourmet oatmeal packed with the highest quality super foods! We've created an awesome, nutrient-rich mixture of whole grain oats, seeds, berries, nuts and fruit.

  • High in Fibre 15g per cup
  • Packed with Protein 18g per cup
  • Excellent Source of Calcium
Nutrition Facts

Oatally Awesome Recipies

Mix with yogurt, cook as a hot cereal, bake in muffins, prepare overnight oats or make no-bake protein bars. An awesome and easy way to add fibre, calcium and protein to the food you love and perfect for busy people on the go!

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Introducing Oatally Awesome, made in the beautiful city of Kamloops, BC Canada

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